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What is Wordchaser?

Officially, I'm a Creative Consultant and Copywriting service. Unofficially, WordChaser, Inc. is me, an advertising copywriter with a ridiculous amount of experience across an unusually broad range of product categories and services. I am equally comfortable and experienced writing for Consumer, B2B and non-profit audiences across North America and around the world. 

After learning the business and polishing my writing/creative chops at several of the largest, most prestigious multi-national ad agencies on the West Coast, I turned full-time freelance over 20 years ago.

What I gave up in exotic travel and embarrassingly large production budgets, I more than made up for in time and availability to be a part of my kids' lives as they grew up. I also gained the freedom to work from any place with an internet connection - which is why you see the photo of Western Montana's Bitterroot Mountain range above.

This is where I've lived since 2015. It's also why the desk in my office is turned so that my back is to the window. Our local white tail deer population can be maddeningly distracting, after all. 





I provide copywriting and creative consultation directly for a wide range of marketing clients as well as for agencies-of-record from Southern California to Northern Maine, from Vancouver, BC to Miami, FL and all points in between.

In no particular order of expertise or enthusiasm, this is what I do:



Ad Campaigns
Creative direction
NEW Business
Broadcast spots

press releases
web & digital content
Email Blasts






You’ve found the right writer if you need well-crafted, hard-working words that sell your product or service, boost direct response results or more effectively build your brand. Along with being memorably creative, refreshingly professional and remarkably easy to work with, I’ve got a crazy amount of experience writing for some of the largest marketers on the planet (and countless smaller ones) – many of whom, but by no means all – are listed below.


University of redlands
Ojai Valley inn & Spa
MGM Home Video
Buena Vista Films
Countrywide Home Loans
First Security Bank
Dmb&B Advertising
Howard Capital Management
Missoula Federal Credit Union
Valley Credit Union
Alpine Car Audio
ARI Parts
Sana Anita Race Track
Litton Industries
ULV College of Law
US West Direct
International Gaming technology
Spiker Communications
Convoy Supply
Trijicon Optics
Ithaca Firearms
Snow Bowl Ski & Resort

Grey advertising
Doral Golf
Albertsons Grocery
Carnation Products
Knudsen dairy Products
Lucky Supermarkets
partners creative
McDonalds of So Cal
Mag Lite Industries
Honda Power Products
Custom Leather Craft
Kirkland Signature
Huntington Hospital
TransAmerica Insurance
British Petroleum
World Vision USA
Tiger Woods Foundation
Colonial Williamsburg
Sea World of San Diego
vintage marketing
dailey & associates
At&t Wireless



The work

Here are a handful of examples showing a range of writing styles for a diverse range of clients. Hopefully, this intriguing sample will make you want to see more of what I've done and what I do.

There are at least a thousand (no lie) more examples of my work in my files (not all of them digital, unfortunately.)  So if you need a writer who is comfortable creating TV or Radio spots, Web Content, Long Form Videos scripts, Animated Presentation scripts, Newsletter/Newspaper Columns and Articles, Collateral Materials, Direct Response Campaigns, Outdoor and ... well, rest assured. I've done a ton of work. And then some. 

Take a quick look below. Then, if you've got an upcoming project, let me know about it. I'll get back to you with other appropriate samples of my work in that category or as close as possible. Make sense? 





The ad industry has nearly as many self-congratulatory awards shows as the Hollywood crowd and I’ve certainly won my share of them. (Clio, One Show, ADDY, Belding, Mobius, Sunny, PATA Gold, etc.) But it’s telling how much less important winning these things becomes when – as an "Independent Contractor" – you have to cough up the entry fees yourself. These days I’d much rather win the kudos and compliments of the clients who pay my invoices and book me for additional projects.



Rates & Deadlines


I typically work on a flat per-project rate, which includes research, first draft and at least one round of revisions/edits. This negotiated rate is arrived at considering the level of creativity required, the amount of copy needed and, the turnaround time requested.

Due to my crazy high level of experience, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly I'm able to turn your project around — from next week to even the next day if that's what you need.

That said, if you're more comfortable paying a day or hourly rate as opposed to a flat project fee — let's talk. After all, I'm known for being as financially flexible as I am fast, fresh and easy to work with.



Get In Touch!

You can find me at:

Jim Chase
WordChaser, Inc.

Hamilton, MT 59840
Office Phone: (406) 375-7538
Mobile Phone: (818) 624-8175

So fill out the form below and give me a shout.